Huskers get on the draft board with Mathis and Palmer

Ochaun Mathis goes to the Rams in the 6th round, pick 12 (189 overall) Trey Palmer goes to Tampa Bay 2 picks later.

I thought Mathis would get picked. A lot of edge players went in the first 3 rounds. Nelson has a shot too

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Nope, no further Huskers drafted, free agent signings should start coming out soon.

Former NU DT Jordan Riley went in there seventh round. He transferred to Oregon for one year.

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Some free agent signings, including former Husker Adrian Martinez.

Mike Nolan

An updated version of the story adds Caleb Tannor to the list of signed UDFA’s

Nelson signed with Miami
Martinez signed with Detroit
Vokolek signed with Baltimore
Tannor signed with the Jets

Long snapper Brady Weas has been invited to Houston’s rookie minicamp.
Former Husker Kade Warner, who transferred to KSU, signed with Tampa Bay.

Colorado coach Deion Sanders is upset that only one HBCU player was drafted this year.

Mike Nolan

I know I don’t follow the Huskers the way I used to but I must really be slipping. Other than Warner I don’t recognize any of those guys.

Garrett Nelson was out stud LB last year
Adrian Martinez used to be our starting QB
Travis Vokolek was our TE

Tommy Thompson
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Go Big Red
Go Cardinals

I didn’t recognize Martinez because I thought the list only contained recent Husker players, at least those that played for the Huskers in 2022. The other two I don’t recognize. Thanks for filling me in.

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