WVB Lexi Rodriguez to have her own trading card

Panini America is entering the market for volleyball trading cards with Husker Libero Lexi Rodriguez, their first deal with a female college athlete.

Link to LJS story:

If you’re interested in ordering the Lexi Rodriguez trading card, the order cutoff date is around noon tomorrow (Saturday). This is a print-on-demand card so they’ll only print as many as they get orders for.

Is there a link to order the card? I didn’t notice one in the article. Maybe I scanned through it too quickly.

No link, I went to Panini America’s website. Note that shipping is not free unless you order $50 or more and the 10-pack of the Lexi card is, of course, $49.99.

And ground shipping is $13.99 - more than the card! Not worth it.

We ordered 5 cards, which reduces the shipping cost/card a lot.

I’m not expecting these to become valuable, of course. I just think it’s cool for women’s vollyball to be card-worthy.

There is a possibility they can become valuable, simply because Lexi is the first female volleyball player to have a card.

And if she continues to play at an elite level, that helps.
Additionally, if the pro leagues in the US become popular, and she excels there too…
There is potential, but too many if’s to count on it
But it’s also a cool thing to have if you’re a Husker fan…