Where to watch a replay of the Purdue game

I was at a wedding yesterday and missed most of game. Where can I rewatch the game? Thankd

Looks like BTN is offering its 60 minute condensed version of the game at 9PM tonight and again at 7:30 tomorrow morning, and possibly other showings.

I don’t know if it is possible to watch the whole 3+ hour telecast on BTN. Because the first hour or so was on FS2 and then it switched to FS1, people who recorded the game might have missed parts.

I’d check Youtube as well, it may depend on what streaming options you have.

Thank you! My chiefs had 5 turnovers as well and didn’t fare as well

Best stat of the KC game was that Kelce’s yards with Taylor in attendance are over 100 yards/game and without Taylor in attendance (like today) more like 46 yards/game.

They used each other. Travis is in a lot of tv ads ant Taylor boosted the sale of tickets for her world tour. I look for a breakup soon

The half-life of her past relationships has been measured in months if not weeks, so you may be right.

But fathers and daughters are watching football together.

I read a report the other day that says she’s a billionaire now, and the first to do it strictly from her music without getting involved in selling perfume, clothes, etc.

The Purdue game is being replayed now on B1G

Watching now, thx. Just watched the blocked punt-high five. Did Rhule mention anything about it?

I think he said he didn’t hear about it until after the game. The players were probably lucky they didn’t get the TD nullified due to excessive celebration, and I suspect Rhule told them that, or will.

Something about that high-five just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling about the state of the program that I haven’t felt since the Pelini days.

Nebraska lacked head coaching leadership for a long time (not since Bo). Individual players never geled as a team under Frost or Riley, and the win-loss record over the last 8 years are the proof. Riley was collecting a paycheck while players skipped weight training, and Frost skipped meetings when he wasn’t busy blaming the previous staff for all of the team’s woes.

This year just feels different. The team and the fanbase seem unified! I am more optimistic than I have been in a long time. There are problems - but they seem fixable, and progress is evident.

Am I reading too much into one play? Probably…but Nebraska football hasn’t been fun in a long time and that play was a whole lot of fun! My 8 year old daughter was with me and she got a kick out of the replay (we didn’t notice during the game).

Winning is fun!

I actually feel better about the state of the program than I did during the Pelini years, because the coach has good rapport with the media and seems to enjoy facing the cameras and microphones, even if the Huskers probably won’t win 9 games this year. You probably have to go back to Devaney to find a Nebraska coach who had that kind of relationship with the media.

I also agree with you there. Pelini rubbed many folks the wrong way and was his own worst enemy. Good coach, but not a great personality.

Rhule seems to be the total package.

And yet, Pelini has been unemployed (as a coach) since 2020. He had an unsuccessful run at FCS Youngstown State where he saddled the school with a large number of recruiting violations and then a year at LSU as a DC.

I suppose he can live well on his NU buyout payment.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Some coaches are smart with their money, others are not, don’t know where Bo is on that.

And was still the winningest coach (.709) since Solich by a wide margin.

I’m not exactly sure what his tenure at YSU or LSU has to do with his time at Nebraska, nor do I care.

It had nothing to do with his tenure at Nebraska.

I was pointing out that in spite of his stellar record at NU, he can’t seem to find a coaching job anywhere.

I speculate the reason he was let go at NU may be the same reason for his current state of unemployment.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Or he wants to watch his kids grow up and has the money to do that.

According to Wikipedia, Bo’s settlement with Nebraska was $7.9 million paid out over 51 months. Depending on how much he had socked away ahead of that, it should be enough to live on providing one doesn’t try to live too extravagantly, he’s a long ways away from collecting social security.

Not certain where you found that on Wikipedia but I expect the number pales in comparison to Scott Frost or Mike Riley.

Anyone else bugged by the spelling of Purdue in the title? :grin:

I’m sorry I insulted you by my spelling. I typed the message on my cell phone and fat fingered it. I’ll try harder to get it right in the future.