What the preseason magazines are saying about the Huskers

Most of them have the Husker finishing 5th in the division, but possibly making a bowl game.

I can sure see why there is skepticism. There hasn’t been anything happen for about ten years that would be encouraging. I have said this before, but with Rhule I want to see it before I believe it.

I think nobody knows what to expect in game 1. As one of the pre-season magazines notes, we are likely to be favored in 5 games, possibly more because those teams are (still) bad than because the Huskers are better than last year.

What I’m looking for is signs of improvement as the season progresses, not necessarily (just) wins but also looking like a cohesive team. We didn’t see that very often with Riley or Frost. The win against Iowa was really the only bright sign in 2022.

Six wins would be above most people’s expectations, including mine. The 2024 season will bring an increase in schedule difficulty because we’ll face either USC or UCLA, if n, ot both, every year, if I understand the rotation plan.

I agree. I would be happy with going to a bowl no matter how minor it is. That is, of course, six wins.

John Papenhagen