What are the odds?

Predicting how any NCAA football team will do before any games are played is highly speculative and even more so with Nebraska having a new coach, new defensive scheme, new offensive playbook, new QB, etc. That said, Massey has Nebraska ranked #51. Using Massey’s odds for Nebraska’s football season, here are the odds for winning 0 to 12 games:


So, 6 wins is the most likely outcome. The odds of 6 or more wins (i.e., bowl eligible) is 58% and the odds of 5 or fewer wins is 42%.

Here are his preseason odds for Nebraska winning each game:

Minn 21%
Colo 80%
N Ill 90%
La Tech 91%
Mich 13%
Ill 32%
NW 74%
Purdue 46%
Mich St 37%
Maryland 49%
Wisc 21%
Iowa 28%

To add one more number, Massey’s mean for the number of wins is 5.82.

5-6 wins is where most of the predictions are coming up.

I think they may surprise a team somewhere along the line, probably early so possibly Minny, and 6-7 wins seems a bit optimistic but feasible.

Colorado is hard to predict, Sanders is either going to succeed beyond most people’s dreams or fail miserably.