What a desultory finish to the Husker season

Aside from the first few minutes, Nebraska just looked like it didn’t know how to deal with A&M.

Sorry to see Tominaga and the other departing players have their careers end on such a low note.

But they had a season far above expectations.

Mike Nolan

I will say this, Mike. You have an exceptional vocabulary. I have been on this earth 74 years and I don’t think I have ever heard or seen the word “desultory”. I had to look it up.

But, you are right it was not a good end to the season. When I filled out my bracket and it came to this game I thought these guys can’t win a game in the tournament. But, I picked them anyway thinking sooner or later they have to win one. Never again will I pick them in the dance until they show me they can win one.

John Papenhagen

Without looking it up, I think desultory means %%**%} $&@& show.

Tommy Thompson
Just call me “Pa”
Go Big Red
Go Cardinals

Yup, something like that.

John Papenhagen

Yes, very disappointing, but not totally unexpected.

All day long I tried to figure out the way this game would play out. I thought we would either play great, Tominaga would get 30+ points, or we would lay an egg.

After the first 5 minutes I thought maybe this would be our day. But as aTm rained 3 after 3 after 3 I knew what would happen. Another gut punch for long suffering Husker basketball fans.

We’ll see if Fred can fill some of the many holes that now exist. It was a fun ride while it lasted. At least the basketball team gave us hope and some good results. Something the football team has not done in seemingly forever. Maybe this year.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

The Big Ten went 4-2 yesterday, Wisconsin also losing to James Madison.

Illinois is up against the Duquesne train today. Northwestern is a huge underdog to UConn tomorrow, MSU is not as big a dog to their 1 seed opponent, North Carolina. Purdue takes on Utah State.

What Fred does to restock the roster for 2024-25 will be interesting to watch. Players like Tominaga don’t come around very often.

It will be interesting to see. With the portal I am not sure a coach really has a lot of control over who is on the team. The coach can still recruit high school players but over all freshman usually are not impact players. They can be but that is the exception and not the rule. Also, because of the portal the coach doesn’t really know who will be here next season and who won’t be. I would say Hoiberg has his work cut out for him.

John Papenhagen

I thought the Aggies were rather like the bully who kicks sand in your face and then steals your girl. Their quickness inside was remarkable - as was their three-point shooting. It will be interesting to see how far they go.

it was a very non-Aggie like performance from 3. They were something like 250 in the nation in 3-point shooting.

They gave Houston a pretty good fight, too.

But in the end all 4 #1 and all 4 #2 seeds made it to the Sweet 16.