Welcome to the Husker List, serving Husker fans on the Internet since 1991!

Welcome to the Husker List, where Husker fans have been gathering on the Internet since 1991.

This site is open to the public, but in order to be able to post you have to sign up to create a login. Once you have logged in, you can also join the Husker Archives group, which has access to posts from 2023 or later that are more than (around) 6 months old, and the Husker History group, which has read-only access to posts that are from the old Huskerlist site, going back to about 2004 through 2022.

The first several posts from any new user has to be approved by the site administrators, that’s an anti-spam measure. We apologize for any inconvenience that causes.

The default mode for new users is not to receive emails of new topics and posts unless you choose to. Go to your user profile and change the email setting to select ‘mailing list mode’ if you want to get emails whenever a new topic or post is made.

The online interface should work well on both large and small screen devices.

Posts made here will be relayed to the legacy Husker list server, though that site may at some point be shut down or crash. If you find you are using the online interface or the mailing list feature of this site, you may want to unsubscribe from the old list.

If you receive posts via email, including those on the legacy email server, replies via email should work, providing the email address your email comes from matches the one in your user profile. Replies sent via email are run through a spam filter. Note that there can be a delay of 10-20 minutes between when a post is emailed to or made on the Discourse forum and when email subscribers receive a copy of it via email. For rapidly changing topics, such as in-game discussions, the online interface may be better. There are also some real-time features, channels and chats similar to Slack.

Starting a new topic via email is also possible, but will be limited to established members of this site, to limit spammers. Posts are also run through a spam filter before being posted. When you are promoted to regular-member level, you will receive additional information about this feature and access to another category for member information.

If permitting new topics to be started by email results in too many spam attacks, it may be limited further or removed.

Posts from the previous email-based lists are in the archives and history categories, the archives category has posts from early 2023, the history category has posts from 2004 through 2022.

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