Volleyball documentary

If you haven’t seen the B1G Story episode on the Nebraska volleyball team, you should try to watch it; it was very well done, going back to the 1920’s as a starting point. Lots of footage from Nebraska Volleyball Day in August, too.

I had forgotten some of the stories about the early years of Nebraska’s women’s volleyball program in the 70’s.

Hi Mike,

What is the title and is it available through the B1G channel?

John Killmar

It should be on B1G, but I don’t know how often they’re running it.

The episode is named The B1G Story: Nebraska Volleyball

This link might work:

Yes, definitely worth a watch!

Interestingly, a few weeks ago a good friend was telling me about getting chased off the court at the Colliseum as a student in the mid 70s so the team could practice. I knew some of that history, but not the earlier years when girls VB grew in the state because they weren’t allowed to play basketball (too rough).

A friend and I got chased out of the handball court in the Coliseum lower level by Larry Jacobson and Rich Glover.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL’75
Overland Park, Kansas

Huskers cruised iin the first two sets, lost a deuce third 24-26, and prevailed in a hard fought fourth 25-22 to take the match three sets to one.

Nebraska serving was strong with 10 aces and few service areas. Harper Murrray and Merritt Beason did not have standout stats, but the middles showed up big with 21 combined kills. Bekka Allick led the way with 12 kills on .474 hitting and Andi Jackson was solid with 9 kills and a blistering .818 efficiency. Bekka had 5 blocks and Andi had 3. Ally Batenhorst had a solid match with 11 kills on .250 hitting and a pair of blocks. Harper’s serving buoyed the team: 4 aces!

I didn’t get to watch the match closely enough to comment intelligently on the defense and setting, but the numbers look good and the strong attack from the middle (including some great swings from Merritt) indicate the serve receive was solid.

All in all, a satisfying win against an Illini

And Wisconsin lost to Penn State last night at Rec Hall! The Big Ten grind combined with travel issues and Anna Smrek not playing led to a 4 set match with the first 3 being deuce games. In the second set WI came from 24-18 down and forced 9 set points before falling on the 10th.

Illinois easily could have been a trap type match, so nice to see them take care of business!