Two more in the portal

Now five over the limit.

Backup safely Pola-Gates and former starting QB Thompson have entered the transfer portal.

Thompson is a complete surprise to me. We went from a crowded QB room to a near empty cupboard? What is going on?


A bit of a surprise for me, too, maybe the younger QBs are assuming Dominic Raiola will be here in 2024? The last I heard Nebraska was among his top 3 but maybe not the favorite.

Thompson only has one year of eligibility left (his sixth), so that wouldn’t have been a factor for him, but maybe his inability to practice this spring and the media and fan attention given Jeff Sims made him decide he wouldn’t start here and he’s looking for greener gridirons. Would the coaches have encouraged that line of thinking?

Does Sims have one or two years of eligibility left? I’ve totally lost track with all the extensions that were given during Covid.

Mike Nolan

He was hurt and really didn’t fit in the mold of QB that Rhule likes. Still surprised as well.

So we’re down to three. Sims will start and either Heinrich Haarberg or Purdy top backup.

I don’t see Purdy transferring again as he’s not a graduate and would have to sit. Haarberg fits well into this system.

I think Sims has two years to play.

I did read that every player is scheduled to sit with the coaches this week, before the portal closes on Sunday, to talk about their future with the team. I expect there’s some portal encouragement going on.

Also NU can use another option, for players that want to stay at NU but not play football. They can stay on scholarship but not count against the 85. Like injury retirement but not injured. Only available the year a HC was replaced.

Thompson might find a crowd of QBs in the portal, Purdue QB Brad Allen and MSU QB Payton Thorne are both in the transfer portal, both were starters last season. Purdue also changed head coaches and Thorne was injury prone as MSU went 5-7.

One more: DB Jalil Martin.

Another on Ajay Allen. FR RB.

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Story on Allen. LJS thinks UNL is still 3 over the limit.

Yeah that is the count I had as well, though we added a transfer from WY (QB moving to TE), not certain if he is on scholarship or not.

I expect that there are a couple of graduate transfers that may not have made their plans public yet. If a player expects to earn his degree this summer, he can enter the portal as a graduate transfer (with no restrictions).