Trying new VB topic via DIscourse

Hey, is this thing on?

Assume you all saw that the spring VB match in Kearney has been moved
from the high school to the university sports center? This was
apparently to make more seating available, I’m not sure why they didn’t
plan this to begin with. It was pretty obvious the HS gym would more
than sell out.

Also, word is the squad will have a closed scrimmage with K State.
Bummer that this won’t be streamed anywhere.


It looks like they try to move it around. According to the web, last year’s spring exhibition match took place at the Bison Activities Dome in Central City, which seats around 2100. In 2022 it was at the Heartland Events Center in Grand Island, which seats around 6000. (The 2015 spring game in that venue also sold out with 6006 spectators.)

Oh, I agree they try to move the spring VB match to different parts of Nebraska, but once they’ve picked a town why would they not automatically arrange for the largest capacity venue in that town?

The Kearney spring exhibition match sold out in 46 minutes.