Transferring out

Blaise Keita, Eli Rice and Ramel Lloyd have entered the transfer portal for the men’s BB team, as has Annika Stewart for the women’s team.

CJ Wilcher has entered the transfer portal, too.

The transfer portal for men’s BB is open until May 1st, so we may see additional departures over time, and there are some players who have not yet announced if they are going to play another year, much less where. NIL seems to be having an impact on that, as some players who are marginal for pro leagues might make more by playing another season in college, and could improve their pro prospects at the same time.

Jamarques Lawrence has also entered the transfer portal, making 5 Huskers who have done so since the season ended.

Matar Diop has entered the transfer portal. Who’s left?? Is this the new normal for all programs or just those trying to climb up the ladder?