Texas wins set 1

Texas wins set 1 taking the last 3 points to win 25-22.

Nebraska isn’t handling Texas’ tough serve. Same problem Wisconsin had.


Texas wants this so much more and they are tougher. Our young team’s nerves are showing.


We are being outplayed. Texas had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The weight of being a young team with so much National pressure is showing. Go Big Red. You can still get this. Need to find your focus and intensity!

Down by 2 sets. 3 sets to go.

PS the Texas coach is a JERK!

Ain’t happening. Texas looks like a national champion and the Huskers look like a rec league team. They are not on the same level.

7-3 Texas

Well I wouldn’t say Nebraska is that bad. They definitely don’t have the intensity today or the luck! Go Big Red.

Not calling it over until it’s over! Win or lose these ladies accomplished a lot this year and will be together with renewed intensity for next year’s run!

They aren’t bad, but Texas is that good.

This game was over after that 11-0 run. It’s just a formality at this point .

I agree, Lynette. Prior to the season did I even come close to believing they would get to the National Finals with only one loss all season. I was more thinking as young as the team is we might see six to eight losses. They far surpassed expectations.

John Papenhagen

And they are fun to watch. I actually think it hurt them in the end not to have lost more. You need some adversity to understand what it takes to overcome it!

We will be back and better next year!