Ryan Day and Ohio State

Interesting but expected. There are rumblings that Ohio State fans, not all but a representative amount, want Ryan Day gone. I mean the guy was 11-1. If he is fired he will have zero problem finding another job. I think Husker fans would love to go 11-1.

I understand the desire from OSU and Michigan to beat each other but it seems that is far and away the most important thing. They give the impression that if Ohio State goes 1-11 that is totally acceptable as long as the win was over Michigan.

My advice to OSU fans is go ahead and fire Day and see if you can do any better. I don’t think you will get Nick Saban or Kirby Smart and Harbaugh is already taken. Maybe PJ Fleck would like to go to OSU.

Jon Papenhagen

You’re probably right that there are teams that would hire Day in a heartbeat, possibly a few that would do so even if they hadn’t fired their coach yet.

Fortunately, the fans don’t make that decision. Now, if Day loses to Michigan again next year, all bets are off!

I’m content with the coach Nebraska has at the moment, though I would not object to a change in OC. I can’t say I’m happy about how the season went, especially an 0-4 November, but I think the problems can be solved.

I made the comment if Day got fired he would have zero problem finding another job. I will go one step farther. I think suitors would be lining up to try to woo him. I know a coach can’t do it alone. He has to have players. It just seems the good coaches can recruit the good players. Ohio State during Day’s tenure has been loaded with talent.

It is just sad that one game is more important than the whole body of work.

I agree concerning the Huskers the problems can be solved but I also thought the problems under Frost were solvable. It just never seemed to happen. I don’t think the balance of Husker fans weren’t being unrealistic about Rhule’s first season at UNL. I don’t feel anyone thought the first year could be a conference championship. I think a lot of them, though, felt eight wins was in reach and for sure not a below .500 season. I wasn’t sure about eight wins but I really didn’t think the Huskers would be below .500 and not go to a bowl.

I wonder if some years ago if I stated the Huskers come one day would have seven losing seasons in a row and as a result wouldn’t go to a bowl seven years in a row? I am sure most people would have wondered what I was smoking. I am now looking in hindsight but it has become reality. I am not happy about it but as people say, “it is what it is”.

John Papenhagen

I think the problems weren’t fixable under Frost because Frost was the biggest problem, with his assistant coaches being next on the list.

He had a fair amount of talent, even with his obstinence at QB.

My concern is that the DC might take a head coaching job, and I don’t know where that leaves the 3-3-5 defense, which IMHO worked pretty good most of the time. I’m still not sold on the OC, but the coach is, so that won’t change. Get a 4 star caliber QB and the plays that didn’t work this year could work next year, and that probably changes 3 losses into wins. Next season’s schedule will be tough, but they’ll all be tough in the Big Eighteen, um, Ten.
I find myself looking forward to CU’s trip to Lincoln.

As to the bowl-less streak, Nebraska turned down a bowl game in 2020. In hindsight, probably not Frost’s best decision.