Rutgers win closes out 18-1 home season

Husker are tied for the best home mark in major college basketball, as they led from start to finish in a 67-56 win over Rutgers. When Rutgers got the game back to a six point deficit in the 2nd half, Tominaga put up a 7 point spurt in 49 seconds to get back to double-digits.

One more win (@Michigan next Sunday) would lock up a double-bye in the conference tournament.

Hoiberg should get serious consideration for Big Ten coach of the year, for getting a winning conference mark out of a team that was projected to finish 12th by most of the media.

Another poor shooting day by the Huskers but good defense and rebounding saw them through.

Josiah Allick with a double-double, his first as a Husker.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Last night’s win didn’t alter the Huskers’ NET ranking (43), but it was a home win against a lower NET school and it wasn’t particularly noteworthy, so that’s not surprising.