Recruiting news

A DB decommits to switch to KSU, legacy Caleb Benning commits to NU.

Gonna be plenty more of that as the season goes on.

Many figured Nebraska was a placeholder for Barta while waiting on a KU/KSU offer.

There may be others, but hopefully Rhule’s impressing enough HS kids with his plan to turn around the Huskers that they won’t bolt. (Winning the next two games to seal bowl eligibility would be a plus.)

Recruiting is a cutthroat business these days, though, with teams recruiting kids even harder after they’ve verbally committed to some other school.

On the other hand, Northwestern only had 10 committed recruits the last time I looked, and 8 of those committed before Fitz was fired in July. ESPN had an article listing their short list, nobody knows who’s on the real list. (And there are many Northwestern fans who think their AD may get fired, both for how the Fitz thing was bungled and for some other issues, like the baseball coach he hired; some even think their new President might get the boot. I think the former is a lot more likely than the latter.)