Recruiting Class ranking

With about 10 days to go, Nebraska has the #29 recruiting class according to ESPN. Colorado has fallen out of the top 50.

Only OSU has a top-10 class, though Penn State, Michigan and USC are in the teens.

Evidently players aren’t lining up to play for Coach Prime.

John Papenhagen

They still have 4 commits from ESPN 300 players, while Nebraska has 2. So CU’s class may not be very deep but they still have the #20 player in the nation, OT Jordan Seaton. They’ve lost several QBs, though, and given that they led the nation in QB’s being sacked, that may be why.

247 sports gives them the #1 rating for transfer class.

I’m guessing it’s impossible to include transfer players in these rankings at this time?

247 Sports has a transfer rating, but those are probably more subject to rapid change.

ESPN’s rankings only include HS players, and as I recall CU had a top 25 if not top 10 class for a while, but they’ve lost more than they’ve gained lately.

LJS pointed out that Nebraska hasn’t lost many players yet, but last year they lost a number in the spring transfer portal window.

LJS is reporting that 5 star QB Dylan Raiola will make an official visit to Nebraska this weekend. Landing him would bump their recruiting class ranking up a bit.

Well….that escalated quickly! This could be a program changer.

With under 2 days until recruits can sign, Nebraska’s 2024 recruiting class has gone up from #29 to #23 in ESPN’s rankings.

Mike Nolan

For those of you who haven’t seen.

Hope Riaola works out for us. I’m a little suspect of any kid hyped to the extent Dylan was hyped. GBR!!

I’m willing to be excited, this is one of the best athletes to commit to Nebraska in a long time. I think he’s the highest ranked HS recruit since ESPN started ranking HS players.

If Kaelin also signs with Nebraska, that’ll be an interesting battle to see who starts.

ESPN has raised Nebraska’s recruiting class to #20 folowing Raiola’s commit.

Yeah, I agree, Mike, and I don’t mean to sound so skeptical because I am hopeful. This could kick off a surge of momentum we desperately need. Still want to live long enough to see Big Red emerge from a two decades old funk. Or at least perennial membership in the top 20.

I feel more positive about Rhule after year one than at this same point with Frost.

The ESPN article notes that top QBs often attract high rated receivers and tight ends, maybe Nebraska will see some surprises there as well, though possibly not until the 2025 recruiting year or through the transfer portal.

Rhule looks like he’s making the right kind of moves, which is more than I can say for the last several Husker coaches.