Recruiting Changes

There has been changes to the amount of visits by recruits. Below is a summation. The hyper link will take you to the whole article but you may need a subscription to The Athletic to access it.

The NCAA announced Thursday afternoon that its Division I council has created new rules for official and unofficial visits. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The main change is that prospects will no longer be restricted to five official visits but will be limited to one official visit per school.
  • If there is a coaching change, a second official visit can be taken.
  • The rules will take place this August.
  • College programs still have a limit of 56 total official visits per year.

ESPN article on changes in recruiting calendar, covers different issues:

Mike Nolan

CBS article on recruiting visits changes:

I tend to agree with CBS’s conclusion that this helps the smaller, less visible and non-urban schools.

Mike Nolan