Recruit decommits

JD Crisp has dropped his commitment to Nebraska.

Does it seem that we’re seeing a larger number of recruits changing their minds as signing day approaches?

Man, the portal combined with NIL really is a bombshell to college football. It isn’t just players that sit on the bench that want a chance to play. It is top players going after NIL money. It has become college sports version of free agency.

John Papenhagen

Interesting to see what two top coaches have to say about the transfer portal:

One gets the impression that if the finger-pointing game ever starts, it’ll be widespread. But I doubt anyone wants to start that game.

Seems like this might be used as a proxy for ‘which coaches are assholes to their players and which ones aren’t’. Also, NIL money.

Rhule said some interesting things about NIL, he seems to be less interested in players who are only interested in maximizing their NIL potential.