Projected Regional Placement has Nebraska and Illinois as the only B1G teams in the Regionals:

Lexington, Ky. Terre Haute, Ind.

  1. Kentucky (2)
  2. Nebraska*
  3. TCU
  4. Northern Kentucky* 1. Indiana State (15)
  5. Vanderbilt
  6. Illinois
  7. Western Michigan*

That will be a tough regional against #2 overall seed. Kentucky… It could be a little easier for Illinois.

Go Big Red!

The announcers during the game were saying that the Big Ten could place as many as 4 teams into the Regionals if Penn State had won.

I’d hate to see Illinois and Nebraska put into the same Regional.

NU is projected as a 2 seed in the Lexington regional, Illinois a 3 seed in the Athens regional. If that happens IL has a MUCH easier path to the Super Regional than NU.

If we go to KY I would put money on winning it.

I know we got blown out on Tuesday, but NU has been on fire since then. Perhaps that will move us up a bit against the other #2s.

Correction: I would NOT put money on winning it.

Looks like Nebraska will play in the Oklahoma State regional as the 2 seed.

Illinois is the 3 seed in the Kentucky regional.

Indiana is the 3 seed in the Tennessee regional.

Future Big Ten team Oregon is the 3 seed in the UCSB regional.