Practice Report Day 1

Some of today’s opening practice was open to the media, here’s the LJS report on it:

No major shocker.

John Papenhagen

And he entered the portal on day three.

Gee, I didn’t think the transfer portal window was open right now. Maybe being suspended is another exception to the transfer portal limitations?

Phone cut off.

Pretty surprised he bolted. One would think it’d be easier to get back on the team than it would be to start over with another program.

I assume he’s graduated so the portal window doesn’t matter.

He graduated in May. So there are no issues. He can enter the portal at any time. Underclassman can enter the portal when they want but they have to appeal to not redshirt.

Thanks, Andy.

He may have trouble finding a school that is willing to open up a roster spot for him at this late date.

And it would behoove any school interested in Farmer to do their due diligence and find out WHY he was suspended; maybe it’s something they are willing to ignore or tolerate, maybe not. But will Nebraska tell any interested schools what happened or will they claim some kind of privacy issues?

Yeah, I think if I was Nebraska I wouldn’t divulge anything. You just never know. UNL may say something they believe to be totally something no one could come back on them for. But, things get twisted and here we go.

Rhule himself said the reason Farmer was suspended was simple things.

" On Monday, head coach Matt Rhule announced that Farmer would be suspended indefinitely.

“Myles was suspended in the summer by us just for simple things, nothing major,” he said during a fall camp press conference.

John Papenhagen