Portal names

Ohio State starting QB Kyle McCord.

Oklahoma starting QB Dillon Gabriel.

These guys are gonna want huge NIL payouts.

Utah QB Bryson Barnes entered the transfer portal, he took over when Cameron Rising was injured. Whether he’ll play in their bowl game (against Northwestern) is not yet known.

Husker TE Jake Appleget has entered the transfer portal, as has walk-on TE John Goodwin.

Don’t forget OH Whitney Lauenstein.

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The Washington Post is citing ESPN stats that 1184 players entered the transfer portal on Monday, an increase of 409 over the same day one year ago.

I don’t know about anyone else but the combination of the decline of the football program, the transfer portal, and NIL has lessened my interest in college football considerably.

I still support my the Huskers, but not nearly to the extent I used to.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Same here. But I think if we’d gone 10-2 my support would be at its traditional level :slight_smile:

Having been a Cubs, Bears and Northwestern fan before I became a Cornhusker fan, my goal is to enjoy what I can of a game, or a season, or decades of seasons.

There were moments of excitement this season, and moments of disappointment. But there have been moments of excitements and moments of disappointment in all the other seasons, including national championship seasons.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the idea of ‘body English’, the belief that by leaning or moving, you can affect the game you’re watching, even though that’s impossible.

Well, I think body English applies to the larger aspects of being a fan as well. Some people may have the financial or other wherewithal to be a real influence on how my teams perform, but I know I cannot, and I doubt there are many people reading this who can. But it doesn’t mean I’m not leaning this way or that way in the hopes that it changes the course of events anyway. :slight_smile:

Not much surprise, but Jeff Sims has entered the Transfer Portal.

He didn’t want to compete with DR??

This court ruling could mean players get multiple opportunities to transfer without having to sit out a year.

Matt Rhule’s interview yesterday comes up with this story, he says some pretty frank things, stuff most coaches won’t say.

There was something on the chyron during the match last night that the NCAA was warning athletes that if they take advantage of this opportunity during the TRO they risk losing their eligibility. I swear, the NCAA is the most near-sighted gaggle of morons ever. Yes, that would the technically be legal, but given the tsunami of anti-trust legislation that is heading towards the NCAA right now I can’t see any upside to the NCAA choosing this particular hill to die on. It’s just one more piece of anecdotal evidence of a giant, multi-billion dollar organization forcing athletes (many POC) to live by their arbitrary rules.

I stand by my claim that the NCAA as we know it today will not exist in 2030 and that most college athletes will be state employees and subject to the same ethics rules that other gov’t employees are subject to. Which means the Wild Wild West NIL-era will end as well.

If history is any guide, it would mean one wild west era ends and another begins.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Oui, Mike.

How I long for the days when players were payed under the table. Ah, the good old days.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas