Panthers may fire Reich

Carolina fired Matt Rhule mid-season last year, and his replacement, Frank Reich, is already said to be on the hot seat. Reich recently turned playcalling over to someone else, and the Panthers looked even more pathetic than the Bears last week, and the Bears have an undrafted rookie under center while the Panthers have an Alabama first overall pick QB.

What a dumpster fire.

The Carolina Panthers have no talent and are the worst team in the NFL. They bought the Number 1 overall pick in the draft from the Chicago Bears last year in exchange for WR DJ Moore and first round and second round picks last year and first round pick this year. They have the worst record in the NFL this year and will likely end up with the Number 1 overall pick in this year’s draft but the Chicago Bears own that pick because of last year’s trade. They used last year’s Number 1 overall pick to select QB Bryce Young from Alabama who has been terrible. They need to fire their General Manager who is in charge of securing and paying players. It’s not all on the coaches in Carolina.

It is seldom on the coach in pro sports, because the coach usually doesn’t have a lot of say about player decisions. But the coach gets heaved before the GM does, almost every time.

IMHO these days the football factories don’t produce pro-ready QBs, maybe they never really did.

Mahomes was the 10th pick in 2017, the Bears took Trubisky as the #2 pick.

Rodgers was late first round, Brady was 199th, and Brock Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant.

How many #1 draft pick QBs have had Hall of Fame careers?

Maybe they could double his salary and give him a long contract extension.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas