Now that was fun!

Looked like all the Husker players, coaches and fans were having a pretty good time tonight. I know 3 seeds are supposed to beat 6 seeds, but that was impressive nonetheless. 93-66. Bring on the Illini!

Purdue got pushed pretty hard, Illinois had to work to beat Ohio State and Northwestern looked like they just didn’t want to play on Saturday. (There was some debate on the Northwestern list about whether it’d be better to have a quick exit in Minnesota and get rested for the Big Dance, and possibly even drop from an 8-9 seed to a 10 seed, I guess we’ll find out.)

Playing on CBS over the weekend might have some recruiting benefits, too.

Mike Nolan

What a performance by the Huskers. I was really worried they’d come out flat and lay an egg. Au contrary, Pierre. The Huskers were like a Swiss timepiece.

Fred had them hitting on all cylinders. Now on to face Illinois.

Go Big Fred!

Greg Zimmerman,UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Latest NCAA NET rankings for Big Ten schools:

Purdue 3
Illinois 16
Wisconsin 21
Michigan State 25
Nebraska 31
Ohio State 50
Northwestern 54
Iowa 62
Maryland 81
Penn State 87
Minnesota 91
Indiana 98
Rutgers 103
Michigan 134

Lunardi still has the Cats and the Huskers as 8 seeds, but the Huskers could move up if they keep playing like last night.

ESPN now has the Husker men as a #7 seed in the NCAA tournament, which is much better than a #8 or #9. They have won 6 of their last 7 with margins of 20, 19, 15, 18, 9, 15, and 27. If they win today, a #7 seed may be in the cards.

ESPN has the women as a #8 seed, but it is difficult to understand why it is that low. The women have a NET ranking of 25 and are the 27 in the AP poll. That would seem to merit a #7 seed. The home loss to Rutgers could be the blemish that makes a difference. One more point against Iowa in the B1G tournament or 2 more points at Illinois in the regular season finale would likely have secured at least a 7 seed.

Wisconsin just defeated Purdue in OT.

Let’s go Huskers!!

Mike Nolan

Wow! Go Big Red!
Keep me updated. Little League Opening day here in Oakdale CA. Grandson’s game is up soon.

Go Big Red!


Too bad Chucky Hepburn hit the winning bucket.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL’75
Overland Park, Kansas