New QB coach - Glenn Thomas

Nebraska is hiring Glenn Thomas from the Pittsburgh Steelers to coach quarterbacks and shifting offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield to work with the tight ends, according to a team source.

I saw the San Jose St just lost their coach to Arizona. This two days after Chubba Purdy transferred there. Feel bad for the kid.


If they’re bringing in another assistant coach, who’s leaving?

Looks like Satterfield will handle on-field coaching of the tight ends, and Josh Martin, who coached tight ends in 2023, will go back to being an analyst.

Per LJS, 4 support staff members are no longer on the staff roster:

Mike Wallace, Director of football advancement
Gordon Thomas, Director of football operations
Omar Hayes, Director of HS player personnel
CJ Cavazos, Director of football relations

From what I understand, the main differences between a coach and an analyst house that the coaches can visit recruits. I think there are also rules limiting analysts on the field during the games.

Google says:

During practices and games, analysts by rule may observe the proceedings and interact with coaches. What they can’t do at those times is engage in any “coaching activities” with players. That includes skill instruction, strategy planning and participating in drills.

There are other advantages for Chubba being at San Jose State. First, it’s very close to the 49ers training facility. He will be near his brother, Brock, who is an excellent young QB.
2 - Not sure of Purdy’s status based on this MSN comment: “Purdy was joining the Spartans as a transfer from Nebraska, and it isn’t clear if he signed any transfer documentation with San Jose State that would lock him into the school. But he hasn’t officially started classes there because the school’s spring semester doesn’t officially begin until Jan. 22 — and now that Brennan has left, all Spartan players get a 30-day window where they can elect to enter the transfer portal and potentially find a new home.”

Maybe Chubba will end up in Arizona with SJ State’s Coach? If so, he would only be 90 minutes from Home.

I wonder, did Dylan Raiola know the Steeler’s coach coming to NU was in the works?