Nebraska wins Big Ten Baseball Tournament

Nebraska beats Penn State 2-1 to win the Big Ten Baseball Tournament and the automatic CWS, where they’ll probably be a 2 seed.

If you didn’t see any of the last 6 games you missed a great run from losing game 1 badly to winning today’s nail biter against PSU.

Josh Caron was a monster. He set 3 tournament records including most home runs in the tournament 6 (with 3 in one game). That sixth home run came today to put NU on the board and tie the game 1-1. He was the most outstanding player with his hot bat and nearly flawless catching. Fabulous job by everyone on the team. Great pitching, great fielding, hits and home runs up and down the roster. The team had the right combination of skill, hard work, dedication and plain old luck. They were able to minimize their weaknesses for the most part and it was a joy to watch. (Well, all except that first stinker!) Bolt said this team worked better under pressure and they proved it.

Go Big Red! Old Lister Tony Lambert was at “the Chuck” on Friday. The crowds didn’t get big until after Saturday morning’s game but Huskers fans came out of the woodwork last night and this morning.

I haven’t been this excited to see the Huskers play their way back to Omaha since Van Horn left. Everyone who was calling for Bolt to be fired needs to eat dirt! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Go Big Red!