Nebraska’s Matt Rhule is entering year 2 with a clear vision

I don’t know how many on this list are subscribed to The Athletic. I like it a lot but it does take a subscription. It is only $7 a month. This is a good article and if someone is interested maybe they know someone that is subscribed that will email them the article. Here is the URL if you can access it.

John Papenhagen

I was able to access the article, which is great. It gives a great sense that Matt Rhule’s program will work.

Go Big Red!

John Killmar

Now that I think about it I believe The Athletic does allow a limited amount of free access before things go behind a pay wall. I am glad you could access it.

John Papenhagen

I’m not sure what the Athletic’s policy is, and policies change over time anyway.

But I was able to read this one, and Mitch Sherman is good at writing an upbeat story.

I am not real sure. I do know this. I have been a subscriber for about five years. Even with that it will only show me parts of articles but if I want to see the full article I have to log on. When I log on I have full access. I believe they do allow people that are not subscribed an amount of free time so they can sample the articles.

John Papenhagen

Can access for free using