MU pulls extension offer for Harbaugh

Michigan has pulled the extension that’s been on the table because of the sign stealing allegations. He reportedly would have been the highest paid coach in college football. Until the next one of course

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. Still doubt that anything of consequence happens but we’ll see

I thought I read the extension would have made him the highest paid coach in the Big Ten, including USC presumably, but that’s water under the bridge for now.

Of course if Michigan wins the NC, he’ll probably get some kind of raise.

Some commentators have speculated he might want to head back to the NFL.

I think until the NCAA or Big Ten decide what sanctions to impose (which wrist to slap?), Harbaugh will stay where he is. But if they come down harder than that, he might pull a Pete Carroll.

Some have speculated he might wind up in Chicago. If he does, I might actually feel sorry for him.

Mike Nolan

Tank McNamara on the Michigan sign-stealing flap:

You need to be really old to get that reference. :grin:

Fortunately that includes most of not all of this list.


I am “mad” about the cartoon.

Harbaugh is disputing the reports that the contract extension offer has been rescinded.

And from Iowa:

Iowa offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz ‘not expected’ to return in 2024.

Reportedly his revised contract, with s lower base, had a minimum offensive output in yards that IU is nowhere close to.

Too bad. I’d like him to stay. Maybe take over the D too.

I thought it was points, the so-called drive to 325. (25 points/game over a 13 game season.)

Whether he’ll be on staff in any capacity wasn’t stated. Will this alter his father’s thinking on when to retire?

Yeah my bad. It was points not yards. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Thanksgiving’s gonna be weird at the Ferentz house this year.

Well, KIrk didn’t fire his son, the interim AD did, because he can’t report to his father due to Iowa nepotism rules.

As if that somehow changes things.

And for an MSU update, they are reportedly talking with Urban Meyer as the new HC.

I see that as a long shot. No upside for Meyer.