More Renovations to Memorial Stadium

I assume this means they feel they will still have 90,000 plus fans that
are interested in going to the games down the road. The other thing is
if they would have taken all the money they have used on renovations a
new stadium could have been built.

You’re right that they’re assuming ticket sales will remain strong, even if prices go up significantly.

Where would a new stadium go? I suppose you could put it over by Haymarket Park, well off-campus, away from the athletic offices, practice facility and the other support facilities they’ve built over the last several decades.

What about tearing down the old stadium and rebuilding in place? They might have to tear down some of the surrounding buildings unless they can do it on the current overall footprint, including construction space, which seems unlikely to me.

If Northwestern’s new stadium project gets approved by the city of Evanston (and that’s far from certain), they’ll be playing off-campus for 2 full seasons, possibly at Soldier Field. One season of off-campus basketball games in 2017-18 while they remodeled the basketball arena may have set the Northwestern basketball program back several years.

But it is worth noting that the recently built Northwestern football practice facility is on campus, about 2 miles from the football stadium, so having a new Nebraska stadium a couple miles away isn’t totally out of line.

But it sounds like this decision has already been made.

Mike Nolan

Interesting to note that the Journal-Star doesn’t have a story running on the stadium project yet, but does have one about University of Nebraska President Carter’s comments about how they will need to make some tough decisions to close its budget gap.

Still no recent LJS story I can find on the stadium expansion project.

Some years ago, former governor Charlie Thone was introducing the latest publisher of the Lincoln Journal-Star to the Lincoln Downtown Rotary Club.

Charlie cited that old saying: If it’s news in Lincoln, it’s news to the Journal-Star.

I wonder where the fans breaking point is? Will they continue to come no matter what? I am not saying Rhule will be successful or he won’t be successful. I am waiting to see on that one but what if we have another coach like Frost that loses more than he wins?

I am not going to make the same mistake I did with Frost and believe in him before he does anything, at least with the Huskers. So, no prediction from me. I also don’t care what he says either. I learned my lesson with Frost on that one, too.

I wasn’t necessarily saying they should have built a new stadium. I am just saying with the same amount of money as was spent, and will be spent, on renovations a new stadium could have been built, or at least close. An old stadium can be renovated as many times as a person pleases but at the root of things it is still an old stadium.

As to Northwestern our youngest son got his masters degree in music from Northwestern. As a result we have been there a half dozen times or so. Northwestern’s athletic fields/arena are probably located on what is considered campus property. However, Ryan Field, Welsh-Ryan arena, etc are located a little over a mile from the main campus, as you know.

Yeah, I don’t see anything in the LJS either. However, there is mention of it several other places in including the below site. Some of the things I read make it seem like it isn’t necessarily a done deal either.