More analysis of spring game

OWH/LJS story on spring game: punts and turnovers, (IMHO the turnover TD would have been overturned on replay, Rhule and the officials agree.)

Mike Nolan

Another article on spring game:

Mike Nolan

I don’t think we ever know a lot after the spring “game” do we? I didn’t see the “game” Saturday but over the last years all it has been is a glorified scrimmage. That, and no coach wants to show their hand in this game be it the Huskers or any other team.

This one was different. Looked and felt like a game. Full contact, to include the QBs.

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This year’s spring game felt pretty real, maybe they weren’t running every play in the playbook and the 3-3-5 defense has a long way to go, but I’ve seen spring games with a lot less reality to them.

Mike Nolan

I did see the first transfer portal entry. FR QB Richard Torres is leaving.