Maryland game on Peacock

The Nov. 11th home game against Maryland will be at 11AM on the Peacock Channel. That will require a separate subscription for many if not most viewers.

(Iowa-Northwestern is on Peacock this week.)

Let the wild rumpus begin.

Mike Nolan

The simplest thing to do if you don’t have Peacock is to subscribe, watch the game, and then cancel.


We’re getting ready to drop Spectrum cable here, so I’m looking into what streaming packages I want to cover the things we watch. It looks like I’m going to need at least two and probably three streaming services, because of course not all the channels I want are available from one streaming service.

I think I’m going to be using a Roku, that’s what the folks at Allo are recommending, even over their own TV device.

So adding Peacock as a starting point isn’t that big a deal here. (Northwestern is on Peacock this week, Nebraska next week, and it looks like several basketball games for both teams will be on Peacock, too.)

Roku won’t get you the local channels. I use YouTube TV on my smart TV or Chromecast dongle.

John Killmar

Yeah, I’m thinking Roku + FUBO + something that includes H&I channel, though youtube is another option. (My younger son works at Youtube, FWIW.)

Aside from sports, we have a pretty small list of channels we need.

this is a test post, ignore it.

I’ve been switching around streaming services for a while. If you have an antenna, or can get your local channels without one, it is easier. We live in a rural area half way between Fresno and Sacramento so even an antenna doesn’t guarantee getting all local channels.
FUBO was expensive (not that much less than cable basic) but I got most sports channels and local channels.
Sling Orange+Blue, gives me some sports channels (FS1, ESPN and minor ones) but not other sports channels I would like (Sling doesn’t get your BTN for instance, (you have to have a “Major” cable or satellite provider) and only gives you ABC local channel. Price is $20+ cheaper than FUBO though.
I have Amazon Prime and Firesticks. Both are ok, carry mostly the same things (though Firestick lets you add on other streaming services).

I have not been a Roku subscriber so I can’t compare to that.

I have not found the best solution for our situation yet. I want to get Volleyball, Football and Baseball. Only certain teams. When I can pick and choose on any/all of these services with adjusted to per view/channel pricing (even NFL, MLB, etc) then I will be happy. My 2 cents.

I’m still learning what I don’t know about streaming (tons!) but one thing I’m pretty sure of is that streaming users will need to keep up on what’s available where at what cost, as the streaming market is far from stable yet and there are likely to be some major price shifts (both up and down) as it sifts out the eventual winners.

A true ‘select just what channels you want’ service is still a pipe dream, I fear.


We use the Roku device to host our streaming services. I don’t pay for Roku service. We use YouTube TV as primary and it covers everything we watch including local channels. We use other streaming services as needed to bridge any gaps. I also have my TVs connected to a HDTV antenna for the local channels as well (internet down?). I’m in a rural area in SW Missouri so it’s better reception in the winter when the Oak leaves have fallen!


I went to streaming several years ago (maybe five?), going with Firestick for the device. They were pretty cheap (< $50), so I got one for each tv. Pretty easy to set up, but the user interface takes some getting used to. For whatever reason, they have a tendency to get audio and video slightly out of sync. Not enough to matter for sports, but enough to be distracting when watching spoken dialogue. This can be largely resolved by power cycling the device. Have never tried a Roku, but folks I know that have them really like them.

My impression is that as a replacement for cable most will want a streaming service that carries most of the typical cable channels. It doesn’t sound like that’s what you want Mike, but just in case (and possibly for the benefit of others), here’s a bit more. I settled on YouTubeTV (different thing than YouTube) and have been pretty happy with it. It carries BTN and quite a lot of sports. Hulu is similar from what I’ve heard, as is Sling——though it seems there are more variations in options with Sling.

This thread on VolleyTalk has some sports streaming info, though it’s volleyball focused and somewhat dated, it does have info on various conferences…

I fill in the gaps (again, for volleyball) with BTN+ and ESPN+. In general, the “+” indicates a streaming option, usually separate from the standard channel. For example, BTN comes through YouTubeTV and BTN+ is only available as a streaming option. They almost never show the same programming. If a match is on BTN+, you won’t find it on BTN. BTN+ (and some others, I think) has options to follow a single sport or a single team, with the price reduced. I generally subscribe when the season starts and unsubscribe when it ends. Typically a pretty simple process.

You are totally right that things are constantly changing and one has to stay on top of the options. Good luck in your planning, happy to answer any questions.


Does anybody have Hulu with the Disney/ESPN package? It appears to include ESPN+ but I can’t get to the text of the ESPN+ articles on the ESPN website. Am I wrong about what it includes?

Did you click on ESPN+ on the ESPN page?

John Killmar

Yeah, it seems to say I have the disney/ESPN+ package but I’m just not getting the articles unlocked.

Maybe it just takes a while to settle?

I have no problem getting the articles.

Well, I thought I had access to the ESPN+ articles this morning, but now it seems I don’t, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

HULU support tells me the hulu Disney/ESPN/local option ($79.99) doesn’t include access to the ESPN+ articles. Typical Disney nickel and diming of customers. (But at the theme parks, it’s more like $50/$100-ing customers.)

I used to have just the Disney+ only plan. I had Hulu through my T-Mobile(Sprint) phone plan.

But when I upgraded my phone, I had to also change my plan which no longer included Hulu. It now includes Netflix.
So I know Disney+ had a bundle, so I upgraded from just Disney+ to the D+/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle.

I had to unsubscribe my old Hulu account before I could login to Hulu using my D+ username/password credentials. The same credentials also worked for ESPN+ ( for which i didn’t have an existing account)