Looking for photos of West Stadium facade

Good morning. I’m working on a fairly complicated woodworking project. I’m making a wooden inlay/laser engraved elevation of the west stadium facade. It’s not photo-realistic…that’s not feasible, but it is certainly recognizable. What I’m looking for are some good photos of the detail of the facade masonry and the lower levels of the facade (to the right and left of the ramps. If you’re willing to share some photos I’d really appreciate it. Eventually, and assuming this project every gets done, it’s my intention to auction it off for Team Jack…possibly in conjunction with the Minnesota game next year.



Are you looking to do the original facade or the current exterior?

The current. To fill in the detail in the picture I posted.

As I recall, NETV did a documentary on the west stadium renovation, probably available online, should be some good views there.