Links that aren't getting posted here

The LJS has been doing a countdown of the impact players for 2023, I’ve not been posting these links, because those who have LJS digital subscriptions probably already know about them and those who don’t wouldn’t be able to view more than a handful of them before the paywall limited their access.

Similarly, I’m not reporting most ESPN+ links because I don’t have ESPN+. (At $9.99/month, it just isn’t worth the cost to me.) So I haven’t posed a link on today’s recap of the Big Ten West. No mention of Nebraska in the portion of the story available outside the firewall, so I think I can assume they aren’t giving Nebraska much consideration in year 1 of the Rhule era.

If someone else wants to post links like these, preferably with a summary of the contents, they’re certainly welcome to do so.

Mike Nolan