I've set up a chatroom channel for the Colorado Game

I’ve set up a chatroom channel for the Colorado game.

You need to be logged in to the Discourse interface at https://huskerlist.tssi.com to access it. It does not work via email.

The chat channels are towards the bottom of the left-hand sidebar menu. If you don’t see the left-hand sidebar menu, click on the hamburger menu (3 lines) in the upper left hand corner.

This link should work as well: Chat #Colorado Game Chat

Please don’t use ‘reply’ to this channel to chat about the game, that goes to everybody on the list and some of them were feeling bombarded by the frequent messages sent during the Minnesota game.

Mike Nolan

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Gbr. I feel a quiet confidence

Wow! Coach Prime is the greatest coach ever and greatest athlete ever!

Who knew?

Beat CU. RUN it down their throsts.