Iowa outlasts Nebraska in OT

Great start, but Iowa kept fighting back, lots of lead changes in the 2nd half, then an Iowa win in OT.

Nebraska should still get a decent NCAA Women’s seed, though.

Mike Nolan

They had a 7 point lead late but let it get away. Disappointing.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

We will never know, but the Huskers had a 7 pt lead and the ball. Came down the court and threw up an ill advised 3 pointer with 20 secs left on the shot clock. Iowa got the rebound and sank a 3 to make it a 4 pt game and the momentum shifted. I’m sure she was trying to ice the game, but had they held onto the ball longer, they may have iced it anyway. Again, we’ll never know. Just my thoughts.

Tommy Thompson
Just call me “Pa”
Go Big Red
Go Cardinals

Caitlin Clark won that game in the 4th quarter. It was on her back to come back and she put on a show. Iowa would not be a 1-2 seed without her.

Great effort by the Husker Women. Nothing to be disappointed about. It was a tall order to beat Iowa twice in 2 months. Huskers should be very proud of their season and look to be an 8 seed (per ESPN) in the Houston Regional. Which means having to face probable #1 seed Texas in the 2nd round. I’m betting we win at least the first game against Alabama. We will give Texas a run for their money!

Go Big RED!