Illinois updates

Huskers leading 31-24 at the 8 minute mark in the first half, Wilcher is not available today. Mast has 13, Shannon has 18.

Huskers leading 51-40 at the half. Mast has 13, Williams has 11, Tominaga has 5.

The egg I feard we’d lay yesterday has appeared in the 2nd half today. Huskers have blown a 15 point lead and trail by 8 with 5:15 left.

Mast has disappeared since the first half of the first half.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL’75
Overland Park, Kansas

This 2nd half performance doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy for the Huskers finally winning an NCAA game. What an epic 2nd half fold. 98-87 final. Gave up 58 points in the 2nd half while scoring only 36.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

The team seemed to vanish at halftime. Ugly finish to the tournament for the Huskers, but they should be no worse than an 8-9 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Could they win an 8-9 game? That depends on having two good halves of basketball, one just isn’t good enough at that level.

Joe Lunardi has moved Nebraska up to a 7 seed.

And back down to an 8 seed today. We’ll find out for sure some time after 5PM CT.