I expected more from Iowa

I’m multi-tasking today, working on the computer, making supper and trying to watch the Iowa-LSU game.

I’m disappointed in how Iowa is playing, I expected them to be much more competitive.

Barring a 2nd half turnaround (and we got one last night), I guess Iowa can only win national championships in wrestling.

Mike Nolan

I assume this is more of a “a big 10 team winning is better than an SEC team winning” and less of a “I have cross the Rubicon into enemy territory and am now a Hawkeye fan” type of comment?

(Leg-pulling here, most of a test to see if I can post successfully on the new site)

Possibly some Big 10 vs SEC stuff, but mostly Iowa has the player of the year in women’s basketball, and that’s been pretty obvious since about Christmas. The way they beat formerly undefeated South Carolina two days ago gave me hopes they’d do well against LSU.

But was not to be.

Mike Nolan