I don't know whether to be happy or unhappy with today's game

The defense made a few mistakes, the offense took a long time to get started again and also made several mistakes, and a 28-14 win against LA Tech isn’t exactly a big win. But 2-2 is still better than 1-3.

I’d like to think Haarberg has earned the chance to start against Michigan no matter how Sims’ ankle is doing, but it’s gonna be a tough assignment.

Illinois still looks like a work-in-progress to me (as are the Huskers), Northwestern is awful, Purdue isn’t great and MSU is distracted and just not playing well. So a 6-6 season still seems reachable. Maryland, Wisconsin and Iowa are teams that could represent a chance to pull off an upset, too.

Looking at the stats, it doesn’t appear the Huskers got a sack today.