Huskers are hot in Indiana

Nebraska came out gunning, hitting 9 3’s in the first half, Indiana has just 1.

Tominaga leads the scoring with 18, Gary has 12.

Huskers lead 51-31 at the half.

And Penn State knocked off Illinois at home with 3 FTs in the closing seconds to win 90-89.

Mike Nolan

Huskers led by as much as 23 when Indiana came storming back, but the Hoosiers couldn’t close the gap and the Huskers pulled ahead again for their first conference road win this season.

Final Nebraska 85 Indiana 70

I got a bit nervous when the 20 point Husker lead got down to 3. However the Huskers regrouped and ended up winning by 15.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Last night’s road win moved the Huskers to #43 in the NET standings.