Huskers announce $450M remake of Memorial Stadium including new south stands

Maybe it’s just me, but perhaps they should show some signs of improvement before launching yet another facilities upgrade?

Why wait?

‘ “No student tuition dollars or university general operating dollars will be used,” according to a statement from the university.‘

Since my seats are in South Stadium, I’m wondering what my options will be for the 2025 and 2026 seasons, when South Stadium is demolished and completely rebuilt.

I just heard the AD say that seating capacity will be reduced by 15,000.

John Killmar

If you did not see the press conference, I recommend you do. There is much more context to seat reductions, ADA compliance, fan comfort and experience. Of course, nothing is approved yet.


Wow! What a bold statement.
Isn’t that wonderful they are not using tuition dollars to pump more into the 100 yr. Old stadium. So generous…not.
The athletic dept is/will be getting so many $$ from this wonderful TV contract arrangement. Make hay while the sunshine’s AD’s.
The students being ripped off are those who decide to play football, may not have a scholarship, aren’t a great player thus not able to attract the $$ from donor business and still have to somehow earn a degree while spending more hrs.aboard plaines etc.
I apologize for my rant…it’s just the way I feel about money, money, and more money.
Roger Lohr

Nobody is making them play. If they aren’t on scholarship and aren’t making NIL, then I assume they are aware of this and playing for the love of it.

Addressing Mike Nolan’s point. We are having a similar discussion in Kansas City concerning the new Royals owner who wants to build a new stadium to replace Kauffman Stadium. A large percentage of those who have expressed negativity to this plan want an improved product on the field before even thinking about spending $2 billion for a new stadium/entertainment area. Especially when it would compete with an existing, taxpayer subsidized, entertainment area in downtown KC.

The “K” is 50 years old and had $250 million in upgrades done withing the last 10 years or so. Seems like a waste of money.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

I was about to post this and then I saw you beat me to it. I totally agree that it might be nice to improve the team before pouring something like $450M into an upgrade.

I am also on the KC Royals list and some of the same sentiments are being voiced there as the Royals considers a new stadium. A great many fans are saying, “let’s see a decent team and then we’ll talk new stadium”. I understand the Huskers aren’t considering a new stadium but it is kind of the same point.

There used to be a rule that stated teams had to play on campus unless given permission to do otherwise but over the years there has been talk of a new stadium along I-80 between Lincoln and Omaha. However, that wouldn’t work if they have to play on campus.

Bob Beach

I signed that Bob Beach because I have been accused of being him. I just thought I would see if that gets a rise out of some and maybe others don’t really care. I know I don’t really care.

John Papenhagen

At least this one is oriented toward the fans. These upgrades are long overdue. The majority of seats are not comfortable stadium to sit in, especially when the product on the field does not match the price of admission.

Yes it is oriented towards fans comfort. Get ready to pay for it if you will still have a seat in So. end zone; East Balcony is a good example.
Roger Lohr

If the price isn’t worth it, then let the market decide. If it’s too expensive, then I won’t renew. The stadium sorely needs an upgrade.

I’m in the 600 level and it’s tolerable simply because the seats are wider and have chairbacks. I got tired of being squeezed out of my chair in the north endzone.

Yes sir, I agree with you. Anytime a stadium gets a renovation it has a new look but it is still an old stadium.

John Papenhagen

I went to the NIU game a couple of weeks ago. I was in seat 16 of 21 on the bench. We were in the Northeast section on row 6.

I actually had to sit sideways or stand, because there wasn’t enough room for everyone. A lady next to me wanted me to tell people to move down. This was her first (and probably only) Husker game. She didn’t realize the seats were made for kids, not adults!

That said, I hope the renovations mean wider seats. I’m 61 years old and a big man (6’3, 260 lbs). It won’t be long before I’m unable to sit sideways or stand all game.

Tommy Thompson
Just call me “Pa”
Go Big Red
Go Cardinals

Maybe it was the northwest section. I was catty corner from the student section.

Tommy Thompson
Just call me “Pa”
Go Big Red
Go Cardinals