Husker List reorganization question

When I moved from mailman to discourse, I merged the Husker List and the Northwestern list together. That wasn’t an ideal solution, so I’m looking to split them up again.

I’ll try to keep this as transparent as I can. Those of you getting messages from the legacy listserver should see little change in how your messages arrive. Replying to posts should continue to work, though the reply-to address will be different. (It’s unique for each message anyway.) will continue to be the gateway server for new subscribers, but there will be separate domain names for each list and that will affect how you start new topic via email and how you log in to the discourse server, for those of you who have started doing that.

And that’s where I have some options as to what domain name to choose.

Which of these would you prefer:
something else?

That would be my vote. Simple and to the point.

Thanks for wrangling all of us, Mike.





I like the third listed option ( slightly better than the others, but any of them would be fine.

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BTW, how does one start a new thread? Is there an email address that I’ve missed? I was able to do it by logging on but have resorted to replying to similar emails?

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas

Oh, that’s excellent—made me laugh.

It’ll change when I reorganize the list server, but at present here are the three email addresses to use:

Other sports or general:

The need to select which category the topic falls into is why there are separate addresses. I doubt there is a way around this. Personally, I find it easier to compose posts online, but I’ve been living and working online for 30 years anyway.

Slight formatting issue with the football related email address, use: until the reorganization.