Husker hire Jordan Larson as an assistant VB coach

The NCAA allowed volleyball programs to have another paid assistant coach, and Jordan Larson is now on staff for Nebraska.

Is she the potential successor to John Cook?

Exciting to have Jordan on staff, I hope she stays with it longer than her brief stints at UT and Midland. Other than those brief, months-long positions, she has no real coaching experience—so it seems highly unlikely she could be ready for a head coaching position by the time John Cook retires (seeming likely in the single digits of years, given his age). And even that’s assuming she turns out to be a great coach and stays interested in that line of work.

A more likely successor would be Dani Busboom Kelly. She has head coaching experience at Division I, has been quite successful (taking Louisville to final four appearances), and is reportedly interested in Nebraska. I think I’ve heard she has something in her current contract that might favor a move to Lincoln over any other reason to leave.

I agree. I wish Jordan all the success in the world but to this point, as you say, it is a pretty small sample size. There is the old saying, "just because a person was a great player doesn’t automatically transfer that they will be a great coach.