Herbie Husker redesign

The latest Herbie Husker image looks like a throwback to the 70’s.

Mike Nolan

Sorry. Can’t see the article unless I subscribe. I’m unlikely to do that for a picture of a throw-back Herbie. Anyway, I’m still more partial to Lil Red myself. Let’s see if the new Herbie can bounce on his head.

But thanks!!


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I’d rather the football team’s win/loss record was a throwback to the 70’s than Herbie Husker. :slight_smile:

Mike Nolan

Thanks. That worked. I like him. Herbie looks more realistic for Nebraska. Still don’t think he can bounce on his head, but we’ll see.:grin:

So what was the reason that the old Herbie was dropped ? I read something about a possible offensive hand gesture, but don’t know any details.

Wasn’t he giving the “OK” hand sign that has apparently been coopted by white supremacist?

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas