Harbaugh heads back to the NFL

Harbaugh is leaving Michigan for the Chargers.

The happiest guy on the block has to be the Ohio State coach.

Bleacher Report has Matt Rhule on a long list of possible Harbaugh replacements. However, I think it’s likely they will promote OC Sherrone Moore.

ESPN’s list doesn’t include Rhule, it does include the head coaches at Kansas, KSU, ISU, Missouri and LSU, plus Moore and a couple of Ravens assistant coaches.

Moore would seem to have the inside track.

A year or two ago, Pat Fitzgerald might have been on that short list. Now it’s not clear he’ll ever coach at the college level again.

Apropos of nothing, my iPhone autocorrects Harbaugh to garbage.

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AI at work, perhaps?

Michigan has hired their OC, Sherrone Moore, as their next head coach.

May they both fail spectacularly.

Greg Zimmerman, UNL '75
Overland Park, Kansas