Gabe Ervin, Jr. and Rahmir Johnson out for the season

Nebraska’s running back depth took a major hit as Rahmir Johnson and Gabe Ervin, Jr. both suffered season-ending injuries during Nebraska’s win over Northern Illinois.

Also Dwight Bootle (Nebraska reserve cornerback, younger brother of Dicaprio) and Casey Thompson (Florida Atlantic, transferred from Nebraska) with a torn ACL are out for this season.

Mondays … {sigh}

Ervin is a big loss, looks like Grant might have to carry the load, though there are a few other mostly-untested RBs on the roster.

And whatever happened to the idea of using a fullback?

Grant is going to have to stop fumbles. Doubt the coaches would move Sims to RB but he’d be a good one. Though he has as many fumbles as Grant.

Grant has fumbled once in games. He’s nowhere close to Sims.

It appears Grant fumbled 3 times in 2022, losing 1.

But I’d agree that SIms has a bigger turnover problem.