Cooper resigned

NU DB coach Evan Cooper has resigned.

This hurts.

Evan Cooper has resigned as Nebraska’s defensive backs coach for ‘personal reasons’.

The LJS is reporting that former Buffalo assistant coach John Butler is the leading candidate to be hired as the new DB coach. He has college experience at Texas, Penn State and Minnesota

I usually find the “personal reasons” interesting. Of course it could be something to do with a family member or with him personally. It could also mean there were things going on he just doesn’t want to talk about so the easiest thing to do is use “personal reasons”. A person wouldn’t think it would be that he and Rhule weren’t getting along as he has been with Rhule twelve years.

John Papenhagen

I find as I get older the minutia behind every move on the rosters interests me less and less. ‘Personal reasons’, ‘violations of team rules’, etc. Perhaps we’ll find out at some point, most likely not.

Either way, is there anyone who thinks this will have an impact on the Huskers’ win-loss record in 2024? I don’t.

It might impact things. It is a big change not minute

Terrance Knighton has removed most of his Nebraska related stuff from his Twitter and his bio no longer reads “CEO of Death Row”

This has me very worried!

Butler was hired so quickly it tells me that Rhule knew about Cooper leaving at least a week or two ago. There are some things that legally have to happen to hire someone, and they take longer than the what? 12 hours? that elapsed between the two announcements?

Either way, this won’t change anything for the team. We won’t lose any recruits. This was a textbook example of how to handle changes on the staff in a way that doesn’t disrupt operations.

I don’t see anything on the Journal-Star about Knighton’s Twitter updates yet.

Maybe it’s just a case of UNL asking coaches to cut back on their unofficial social media presence.

AFAIK, no official announcement has been made on Cooper’s replacement yet.

I believe there’s a state law requirement to publicize/advertise vacancies in UNL positions that has applied to head coach searches and might apply to assistants as well. An ‘emergency’ clause can be added to a vacancy to speed up the process, I think that was done when Trev Alberts left.

The John Butler DB back coach hire is now official.