Colorado is not going to be a cupcake

Colorado was leading TCU 7-0 early in the 2nd quarter, though TCU just scored to tie the game.

Looks like they will be a handful next week.

Mike Nolan

Colorado is leading TCU 17-14 at halftime. I think you’re right. Colorado appears to be a lot better than a lot of people thought. I really don’t know how much of the same team TCU had a year ago but they were in the National Championship game a year ago.

John Papenhagen

I think they said TCU had only 3 starters returning on offense.

Last year was a senior team, but they have talent. They just don’t look that ready to play today. hopefully adjustments on the second half and the heat make it to Colorado as they are cramping up.

Especially in that altitude

The Colorado passing game will really test the Nebraska secondary, they burned TCU multiple times.

Think the Buffs are gonna be up for their home opener?

I heard some comments down through the week about how Colorado will be a cream puff and the Huskers will roll in Boulder. If this week was any indication it doesn’t appear that will happen. I am not saying the Huskers won’t win but if this week means anything it will be tough, especially in Boulder. But, then everybody, and I do mean everybody, I talked to earlier in the week figured the Huskers would beat Minnesota.

John Papenhagen

Why would anyone think either game would be a cupcake? Nebraska is a dreadful program right now. We haven’t been to a bowl game since 2016, and I would bet against it this year as well.

It’s a truly sad state of affairs, but this program doesn’t deserve any credit or hype until they prove something on the field. Colorado earned credibility today. Nebraska has none right now.

I am expecting another long season. I hope like hell I am wrong. Like most, I am just fed up with losing. This season will take a lot of patience.

Well stated…Patience is in short supply for me…


Blackshirts need to show up big time in Boulder.

With 4 interceptions and most of the running by Simms our offense has serious work to do.

I was totally underwhelmed by the number of penalties committed and how we executed against Minne.

I also agree with the comments above. Rhule has a long way to go with this group. This is not going to be an immediate turn around for Nebraska.

Every hotshot player wanted to play for big name Deon (all the flash and glitz.) Not the same mojo for Rhule (he’s more sure, steady and old school.) Kids today are looking for immediate stardom and a fast track to the NFL.

Go Big Red!

It was 3 interceptions and one fumble by a player who had ball control problems last year, too.

And as far as I can tell, there were no attempts to use the fullback as a ball carrier. I’m not sure how often there was even a fullback in the formation.

Sims threw 23 INTs in 3 seasons at Georgia Tech.

No one I talked to thought Minnesota would be a cupcake but they thought the Huskers would win. Colorado on the other hand was thought to be a lot less than they showed yesterday. For instance prior to yesterday’s games Congrove had Colorado rated 125.

I will have to admit Colorado surprised me yesterday. They not only looked good, they looked really good. Anything can happen but it will be really tough to shut down that passing game of Colorado’s.

I am not going to judge the season on one game. I just hope we don’t have another example of coach speak that tickles the ears prior to the season and then he doesn’t back it up. Talk is cheap. A lot of things could happen between now and the end of the season, obviously. Hopefully it will get better but before I jump on the Rhule bandwagon I have to see positive results.

John Papenhagen

TCU had the 89th best scoring defense in FBS last year, so they weren’t exactly a great defense, which true of most Big Twelve teams.

But the Huskers secondary will be severely tested in Boulder.

As of this morning, Colorado is a 3.5 point favorite

Colorado is #22 in the 2nd week AP poll rankings, #25 in coaches poll.

Some interesting statistics from Reddit about CU/TCU

Hoping Huskers show up big on Saturday. If they can slow down CU’s offense, play error-free ball and match their pace into the 4th quarter, we have a shot. That’s my best case, optimistic side talking. My pessimistic side sees this game getting away from us in a hurry leading to a blowout.