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Oregon State has elevated DC Trent Bray to head coach, replacing Jonathan Smith. Bray was an assistant at Nebraska during the Riley years and served as interim head coach after Riley was fired.

Indiana is hiring JMU coach Curt Cignetti.

Assistant coach Tony White has signed a new contract with UNL and will be the highest paid assistant ever.

Looks like he’s not going to USC as reported.

I’m happy there will be some stability in the staff. The O has gone through three different schemes in as many years.

That is great news. It is very difficult to be optimistic about this program right now. I am definitely at the point where I need to see wins on the field to feel good.

But…losing Tony White would have felt like a kick in the teeth. The defense was a huge bright point this year. Now if the NIL sponsors can pony up the $1-2 million for a transfer portal QB - I might even drink some offseason kool aid.

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Fabulous news

Most of all, the Huskers need quality coaches to remain at UNL, we don’t want to be a coaching “development”/stepping stone for the “big” schools. We want to get back to being a top tier team!

Now about Satterfield… :unamused:

Go Big Red!


Satterfield was running a round peg in a square hole offense, give him an OL, a QB and some receivers and keep them healthy!

True. But the the peg may have been made of swiss cheese too. swiss cheese we do desperately need O Line improvement.

I thought the defense did a better job of fitting the scheme to the personnel available from week to week. The offense kept trying to be some kind of NFL style pass-first offense, and it just didn’t have the talent to do it. Maybe if Chubba had been healthier and available sooner…

Mike Nolan

I was really disappointed that Nebraska, with one of the top defenses in the nation, didn’t get any players on first team Big Ten defense. But I will grant that Iowa’s defense was a little better, even if their offense was a train wreck.

Northwestern went from having one of the worst turnover margins in the country last year to having one of the best this year, so maybe there’s hope for Nebraska in 2024.