Coach Prime

I didn’t see the game but I see where Coach Prime got beat last night and is now 1-3 in the conference. On top of that it was a Colorado home game.

John Papenhagen

You missed a strange game that ended somewhere after 1AM central time. Colorado was up 29-0 at the half, when Stanford found their offense and started coming back, kicking a field goal at the end of regulation to send it to overtime, 36-36. In the 2nd overtime, Colorado’s QB got picked off in the end zone and Stanford, after moving it forward to inside the 15, kicked the field goal to win the game 46-43.

There was a TD catch in the 1st overtime period that is likely to make all the highlight reels.

At one point the referee stopped the game to warn the stadium announcer to stop playing music as the Stanford offense lined up, threatening to call a 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty on Colorado.

There were a lot of interesting calls by officials, and maybe even more interesting non-calls, including some pass interference ones.

Coach Prime was quoted earlier in the week saying he thought late evening kickoffs were really dumb, I bet he’s less excited about them now. And I think CU has another coming up.

4 of 5 remaining opponents for Colorado are ranked this week, getting to a bowl game is gonna require beating at least one of them.

Must be the weekend for comebacks, Rutgers came back from a 24-6 deficit in the 4th quarter and beat MSU, scoring the last 21 points.

Mike Nolan

And Illinois just beat Maryland on a last second field goal.