Chat for the Minnesota Game

I’ve create a chat channel for the Minnesota game, you will need to be logged in to the discourse system to access it.

Hi there Lynette here.

Jim Dean here in Grand Island.

Stalemate through first quarter.

Moral victory to hold them to three?

Not looking for a moral victory, just for some good plays. and that was a good play by Sims!

I’d really like to see us SCORE at some point. Good punt though

Sims looks like the real deal. Hope he gets throwing together as well.

Don’t want to jinx them, but it’s nice not to see us giving up a bunch of big run plays.

Oh my. Crossing my fingers and toes!

Crazy ending to the half. Hope we can come out and score.

Oh DANG, same old mistakes! Sigh. disappointing end of half but happy with the score overall. Only 3 points given up by D is hopeful. And Sims is the real deal as far as run game goes. Overall stats are pretty even between the two teams but Minnie’s most yards are passing and UNL’s are rushing.

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ugh. lost a great opportunity to get some motivation going.

Yes, definitely disappointing end of half. Some hopeful signs though in that first half.

We shall see how we hold up in the 2nd half. Need to see full game effort.

True. Rather typical of the last 5+ years wasted opportunities.

I was thinking we’d be able to slow the running game but expected we could move the vall better. Our pass d is better than i expected, but our pass o is worse that i expected.

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Game Comparison - First Half

|STAT|UNL|MN|| — | — | — |
|Total Yds|138|125|
|Pass Yds|39|86|
|Rush Yds|99|39|
|1st Downs|8|9|
|3rd Downs|3-5|6-9|
|4th Downs|0-0|0-0|
|Total Plays|24|33|
|Avg Yds/Play|5.8|3.8|
|Avg Yds/Completion|7.8|7.8|
|Avg Yds/Rush|6.6|2.6|
|Sack-Adj Rush Yd(Avg)|99 (6.6)|39 (2.6)|
|Red Zone|0-1|1-1|
|Time of Poss|11:54|18:06|
|Turnovers (Def Pts Off)|2 (0)|0 (0)|
|Sacks (Def Yds)|0 (0)|0 (0)|
|TFL (Def Yds)|2 (7)|1 (1)|

Stats show us fairly even but penalties are still our Achilles heal.
And yes, Pass Offense is disappointing.

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Hey, come join us in the chat channel.