CFP championships

Here is a link to a free NYT article on how each playoff team ”paid” their way into the final four…

Jim Dean

The SWC was the home of the $100 handshake, but Now Its Legal.

One downside to the emphasis on money was that FSU had something like 29 scholarship players miss their bowl game through a combination of injuries, transfers and just sitting out to prep for the NFL Combine.

Final: Georgia 63, FSU 3. I guess the FSU players won’t be getting a faux championship ring like they did at UCF.

The IRS might slow down the flow of money a little by taking away the tax deduction, but it would be interesting to see how much of that NIL money doesn’t make it to Form 1040.

So after tonight’s games, it’s Michigan vs Washington for that ugly trophy. (I liked the crystal football a lot better.)

I doubt I was the only Husker fan who had deja vu when the officials put one second back on the clock for Texas to take one last shot at a winning TD.

I work at a bank. I manage a suite of machine learning models that attempts (with great diffculty) to identify money laundering and other financial crimes transactions.

While I have no special insight into the Department fo the Treasury, I do know the FINCEN/FATF rules well and the way a lot of NIL is happening now looks a lot like money laundering to me. I think NU’s system of using the collective would obviate the obvious ‘criming’ here, but it’s still something I think the IRS is going to rein in soon. Other schools that are less pro-active here could be setting conditions that athletes inadvertently (or intentionally I suppose) run afoul of very serious criminal laws.

As we say at work “FINCEN don’t fuck around”.


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